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FF Dice: Poker Chips Empty FF Dice: Poker Chips

Post by Szayelaporroon Fri Apr 08, 2016 2:52 pm

So we have some dice games. These are simply to earn our currency called Fancy Coins, which you can buy stuff from our Fancy Store with. You are allowed to do these once a day and the prizes are listed below! Also notice that the heart and diamond are different colors that how we determine the difference. Prizes do not stack. This means if you have 2 of the same kind you cannot get double points. Have Fun playing our Poker Chips Dice Game!

FF Dice: Poker Chips 1YjTsFQ
Poker Chip Red

FF Dice: Poker Chips Qpp1yYL
Poker Chip Blue

FF Dice: Poker Chips MphSIlA
Poker Chip Pink

FF Dice: Poker Chips IY8fZFL
Poker Chip Purple

FF Dice: Poker Chips JgMLA29
Poker Chip Green

Poker Chips Prize List:
2 of a Kind- 30 FC
of a Kind- 70 FC
of a Kind- 100 FC
of a Kind- 160 FC
5 of every Kind- 300 FC
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